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The Favria circuit: 4 climbs to decide the GranPiemonte 2023


An unprecedented and all-to-be-discovered finale. The GranPiemonte 2023 will offer riders and fans a finale that is anything but predictable, not simply because of the route itself, but also due to the fact that the roads to be tackled will be new to everyone, except perhaps to the local lads.

In the 154 km that will take the peloton (most likely not all of it) from Borgofranco d’Ivrea to Favria, the first 80 km could not get flatter, perfect ground for early breakaway attempts. Once the riders have crossed the finish line for the first time, however, a 74 km circuit begins, making the initial quiet only a distant memory.

Given the rather limited mileage, several riders will likely have plenty of fuel left in the tank, making an explosive and spectacular finale a very credible option. After just over 10 km from the start of the circuit, the first climb of the day will begin, taking the athletes from Castellamonte to Colleretto Castelnuovo (590 metres above sea level), a climb of just over 6 km, fairly rideable but with a couple of stretches at 9-10%.

About 3.5 flat km will follow, until Borgiallo, where the riders will start climbing again, this time towards Faiallo. This too is a rather uneven climb, 5.9 km long with peaks of 13-14 % in the final part. At this point, with about 46 km left to go, the tussle may already have broken out. If not, it certainly will in Sparone, with the remaining riders having to face the toughest climb of the day, heading towards Alpette (966 metres altitude). This is a nasty one, 4.7 km long, with an average gradient of almost 9%, destined to definitively shatter the bunch and provide more than a clue as to the possible winners of the GranPiemonte 2023.

The last effort – at least from an altimetrical point of view – will come after the dive into Cuorgnè. 4 steep kilometres will take our heroes to Prascorsano, alternating gentle stretches with much steeper ones: this is where those with the right legs will have to attack, as not much ground will be left for the others to close the gap. The summit is located 16.5 km from the finish and will be followed by 3 km of false-flat, the descent, and the last 4 flat km to Favria. In a nutshell: let’s get ready for some fun!

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